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Christian Aeby

Christian Aeby

Born in 1957 in Bern, Switzerland.

Christian’s heart was first won by music, by classical music. An accomplished pianist himself and guest soloist at the Salzburg Festivals and with the Vienna State Opera, Christian began producing operas in 1980 initially as assistant director at the Zurich Opera House and finally as producer in 1983 for the internationally acclaimed productions of „Atilla“ and „The Cousin from Nowhere.“

Through his work in opera and on stage Christian became increasingly fascinated by the medium of the moving image and directed his first short film „Alex“ in 1983. Encouraged by the positive response that „Alex“ received from the film industry Christian decided to bring his extensive experience with actors, staging, choreography and music to the world of film and in particular to advertising.

In 1986 he won bronze, silver and gold at the ADC Switzerland and within months Christian was directing tv commercials in Los Angeles where he cofounded Glass Media in 1990. Christian’s many clients have seen their TV commercials earn international recognition through Christian’s Gold Awards for direction at reknowned advertising festivals including Cannes, the ADC and New York Film Festivals.

Christian’s clients include AXA, Bank Austria, BMW, Canon, Continental, EasyCredit, FAZ, Ikea, Microsoft, Mercedes, Motorola, Nike, Skoda, Swiss Air Swisscom and VW.
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