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Mathias Hovgaard

Mathias Hovgaard

Mathias Hovgaard discovered early on that he had a talent for directing, and despites his young age (twenty-eight), has already worked with major international clients.

After attending both the European Film College and the university of Copenhagen, where he is finishing masters studies in film, Mathias directed several short films that made waves at prestigious festivals across Europe and lead him into the world of commercials.

His Lada Car spot was nominated for the young directors award at Cannes ‘08 where it was lauded for its intelligent, fresh style. All of his work displays a strong sense of simplicity and innovation, blending visual trends with comedy and dialogue to ingenious ends.

“I creativly approach every commercial differently,” says Mathias, “I always try to invent a new visual style to fit each individual spot.” Mathias was featured in creativity magazine’s 2008 directors to watch.